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Re: about the subversion server (oops)

For those of us with checkouts on Windows (using TortoiseSVN) is there a way to switch an existing checkout to the new server?
Or do we have to do a new checkout and copy local mods into it?


On Thursday, May 9, 2013 2:44:13 AM UTC-4, douglas_goodall wrote:
Sorry I made a typo ion the previous message.


Due to unavoidable changes, you will have to access the subversion
server with a more fully qualified domain name.

For example, if you were using...

svn co svn://goodall.com/RomWBW

Now you must use...

svn co svn://server.goodall.com/RomWBW

Aside from this change, things should be stable for about the next two months.


Douglas Goodall