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surplus boards

I have the following unbuilt boards available. Quantity one each, unless otherwise noted:

6502 CPU v1
8086 CPU v1
68000 CPU v2
IDE v1 - five 20-pin sockets tacked in place
IDE v2 - qty 2
IDE v2a? - same layout as v2 but with better ground fill - qty 4
Serial v1 - qty 2
Keyboard converter v1 - qty 2
PROM v2-2 - qty 2
PIC-RTC - qty 2
Prototype v2

I've done my best to identify versions using the information at S100computers.com; ask if you need more info.
Price is $15 each including shipping within the US. I'm happy to ship outside the US but contact me for cost. 

Please contact me directly if interested.