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Archiving the pbworks wiki (just in case)


The recent trouble with the pbworks wiki and file system is causing me 
to feel that placing our precious data there does not secure our data
after all. I had an unfounded trust that they had it together.

I am copying the files from the wiki file system to my server


There are a lot of files and there is no easy way to offload the files that
is not keystroke intensive. I have copied the files from the N8 folder to
start with but I won't really feel good about this until we have it all in a 
second site. Once we have it all backed up, the entire fileset can be
transferred with "wget -r".

The process I have been using is to create a set of directories by the same
names as on the wiki, then downloading the files into the correct places.

Documents that were simply type into a raw wiki page cannot be "downloaded"
as such, and I have been turning them into PDFs for storage. That does not
make them modifiable (unless you have some special software I don 't.

Anyone that wants to help with this is welcome.

Anyone that wants to email me anything they want saved in a second place
is welcome to do so.



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Douglas Goodall

"Did Goloka think the Ulus
were too ugly to save?"