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Ordering my first S100 boards

Hi folks,

After extensive reading of this great forum and several other websites, I decided to make the plunge and build the boards myself. While purchasing complete boards on eBay would get me up to speed quicker, I will miss the fun of starting from scratch and debugging the system from A to Z. After all, the interest is not getting a complete system ASAP but really spending good time with my soldering iron and scope !

As I leave in Europe, I think that would be best to order the boards at once and potentially save a bit on shipment costs. 

Here is the list of the boards I would like to order (I understand price if USD20 ea plus shipment) : 

-V2 Z80 Master CPU Board

-RAM-ROM Board

-Serial I/O Board

-V2 System Monitor Board

-Dual CF-Card / Hard Disk IDE Board

-Bus Extender Board

-8-slot Motherboard (active terminated)

the CPU one is definitely the one I will need first as I found a passive motherboard already ( but I anticipate I will need the active terminated backplane at some stage). I have also the  impression that the SMB is quite important to build, seems it can dramatically help debugging. And getting those displays and switches on the front panel is super cool.

Please forgive my ignorance as I'm still a newbie here, but do I have to wait for bulk orders to be announced for each of those boards, or is there some inventory left - or even some members will to sell some ? I saw a bulk order announced for the Z80 CPU Board,, but I was not sure if I should rather list all my BOM here. My apologies if this is not the right approach.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, I'm so eager to start !

kind regards,