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Re: [N8VEM-S100:249] Bootstrapping Lunux on the S100/68K...

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Indeed. I guess what I was trying to avoid was introducing too many
variables and complexities right off the bat.

I know that with the FLASH+XIP model, there is no real boot loader so
you side step that whole thing, the kernel is already standing there
ready to run. The only 'new' things I would be introducing would be the
serial port device driver and the click tick interrupt handler, both
pretty trivial.

But it's true, I need to get to a real boot loader at some stage anyway,
 yeah, maybe you're right, maybe I should do that approach first and get
that pain out of the way right up front.

Do you have the ROM portion of a CPM boot loader or anything like that
running yet at all on the 68k?

To do it properly I would have to make a second stage loader work like
lilo or syslinux or somthing, however, for the initial bootstrap, I
could get cheeky and just store an XIP image on the FLASH card and load
it directly byte-for-byte as-is directly into RAM at a fixed location
and then just branch to it..I kind of like that, it's simple, and should
get the job done and leaves me with more RAM.

Yeah, I think I'm warming up to that idea.

Kind Regards,

Mike Sharkey

On 11-06-03 05:37 AM, Pontus Oldberg wrote:
> Mike,
> It sounds like you are on the right track, start simple and build from a working solution.
> I'm not sure about the memory though. Why not have a simple boot loader and use one of Andrews IDE cards and load the kernel from a flash card at startup?
> If you're going for a flash solution, Andrew's EPROM/SRAM card should be able to hold 4pcs 4Mbit flash devices. If not directly, it should only require minor mods.
> /Pontus

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