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Re: S-100 backplane boards, sockets, card levers and card cage

Welcome to S-100 world...

Your best bet to find S-100 chassis along with 8-slot backplane board, card cage, other items from eBay. You have keep watch until someone posted for selling. I grabbed excellent Cromemco 8-slot Blitz bus came with cage from eBay few months ago with excellent price included shipping.

Sometimes, they sell backplane only but you need to ask the seller that they may remove the backplane from cage or chassis to sell and avoid high cost during shipping due weight. If your family or friend who is a metalworker then you can get help to build the cage from metal. There are vendors sell card edges and levers for S-100 boards available.

One more thing, I solidly advice you to follow S100computers.com about power supply system. Andrew made a real smart to use Meanwell switching power supply to replace aged linear power supply with heavy and large power transformer, aged diodes and very large bank of capacitors. They are not worth to use nowadays. The switching power supplies are safe and cooler also short circuit and overvoltage protection built-in. The cost for Meanwell power supplies are reasonable on eBay or other vendors. DO NOT buy any used condition for the power supplies. The card levers are available from Keystone Electronics Corp, http://www.keyelco.com/category.cfm/Electronic-Hardware-Accessories/Card-Ejectors-PCB/id/436

Wish you a lot of luck with your project...

On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 1:53:44 PM UTC-5, Joe Herdler wrote:
Hi again,
I am just starting out my S-100 system, and have ordered one of the new Z-80 boards from Andrew. So I guess now I need to start looking around for a backplane board, sockets, card levers and a card cage.
Any ideas where to source these items? There is no rush on this project.
Thank you again!
Joe Herdler