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Re: BASIC in ROM - Any Interest?

Update for 3/25

 - The last two show-stopper bugs have been fixed. Both of these were actually east to fix once I finally understood them. 
    - The resolution to the issues was very interesting to me; it's anyone's curious I can post info on them.
 - My testing looks good.
 - I've already documented the changes to the V1 CPU card required.
    - I believe the V2 card can be jumpered to allow the same configuration.
 - The Serial I/O card has had the USB, SCC1 and SCC2 interfaces tested, all three work as the console device.
   - The Utility Card (MSX2) serial port can also be used as the console.

I still need to:
  - Document the jumper config on my 4MB memory card, the Serial I/O card and the Utility card.
  - Document how I build the ROM images and a description of the hardware interface ASM files.
  - Recruit a few alpha users - If you're interested let me know.