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Re: looking for an S-100 expert builder to build and test prototype board

Woo Hoo!  Two volunteers!  That's great!

I've uploaded the KiCAD file set, schematics, and PCB layout to the
N8VEM wiki here:


OK, so we've got a design and builders to put it together.  This is

Does anyone want to pitch in to get some prototype PCBs made?

Typically that's $150 for 5 PCBs at http://www.33each.com

You don't have to pay for it all or even build a board if you want to

If you buy a board I can send it to one of the volunteers.

Please remember though this is a high risk venture and no guarrantees
it will work.

However, I think there is a pretty good chance and if we spread the
risk and work out a bit everyone benefits!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

On Dec 14, 6:50 am, lynchaj <lyn...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> There is an S-100 board project that is ready for prototype build and
> test but the project is "stuck in the mud" due to availability issues
> (aka "real life") of the original design team.
> Is there anyone who would like to take on a build and test of a rather
> ambitious S-100 board?  The project I am referring to is the S-100 VDP
> which is a video board based on the V9938/V9958 video display
> processor.
> This board has potential for greatly improved color graphics, 80
> column text, etc using the latest of the VDPs which descended from the
> original TMS9918.
> I have a design schematic and PCB layout which is ready for prototype
> build and test.  However it will stay on the "black board" until some
> builder can make it a reality.
> The design could even be extended to include audio (AY-3-8910 or
> similar) once we get the video section working.  This would provide a
> measure of MSX compatibility for the S-100 bus systems.  There is
> quite a bit of stuff we can export from the N8VEM N8 "all in one"
> project to this board to accelerate an improved design.
> This board is deceptively simple looking but is not for the feint of
> heart.  Video boards never are...
> Anyone interested?  Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch