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Any interest in more S-100 Parallel IO boards (with fixes)

Hi!  We are getting a small batch of improved S-100 Parallel IO V2 boards.


As you may have seen there are a few very minor board layout errors on out recent S-100 Parallel IO V1 board described here:-




bottom of the page.


John has supplied patches which completely fix the issues.  However he would like to have a completely patch free board and is about to order 5 new bare boards.  If any current board holders would like to do the same please let me know right away.  The cost of these “V2” boards would be somewhere around $40 per board if less than another 5 people want a board.


One small addition that has been made to the V2 board to  allow a dynamic 8 and 16 bit port mode of addressing of the PC-PRINTER Port. Other than that this is a “nice to have” item. The current boards once patched are completely functional as they are. It’s mainly an issue of esthetics.


If you want one or more S-100 Parallel IO V2 boards please let me know.  The more builders who join in will lower the price for everyone.


Andrew Lynch