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MS-DOS Support Board Software Support Done.

Well I finally finished writing the modified clock drivers for the CPM3
BIOS. Have CPM3 DATE and DATE SET command working fine.  
So that completes the MSDOS support board stuff:-
We have:- 
Z80 Monitor with Time & Date support
8086 Monitor with Time & Date support
CPM3 & MSDOS with file Time & Date stamping 
CPM3 & MSDOS runtime files with a simple DS12887 Diagnostic program
The only thing I did not do is CPM86 (cannot get English version of the
Y2000 patch -- will pass for now)

All can be found at S100Computers.com

So for the first time in a while I have my head above water. Will dive down
now and start the Cirrus Logic GD5420  XVGA video S-100 video board
Has been here a while. Will be very interesting to see if we can pull this
one off.