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Re: S-100 Motherboard

On Feb 25, 9:17 pm, norwe...@aol.com wrote:
>  Hi Rich --
> Have you given any thought to substituting 5.25" HD drives for the 8"s?  Those old 8"s are difficult to keep running at this point in time.  I had really good success with doing this with the Cromemco floppy controllers.  It takes some doing to copy your old 8" media over, but you will have a much more robust system when you're done.  If your controller card will support both 5.25" and 8" drives at the same time, the task of copying things will be much easier.
> Roger

Roger - excellent suggestion and I have thought about it at various

I have a 5.25 in DSHD drive in my system and have used it as a means
of backing up my 8 inch drives and the hard disk. Works well.

Has anyone defined a standard configuration for the 1.2 MB diskette in
terms of format, number of system track, sector size etc.?

An up date on my system as of today:

a. I swapped the two drives in terms of drive number so the RO drive
is A and the fully functional one is B. Works well.

b. I brought up the whole system under CP/M and the 5.25 inch drives
are working well. When I tried to bring the 6502 system up under my OS
(DOS/65) the eight inch drives and the hard disk are working well but
drive C (Kaypro IV), drive D (1.2 MB DSHD), and drive G (Kaypro II)
are not working right. They have worked so I suspect some changes I
made to my monitor ROM and the SIM three years ago. I need to stare at
those changes and figure out what I did wrong.