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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1204] S-100 board reorders

Hi!  I used Advanced Circuits for the prototype boards who produce a top quality PCB but without gold fingers.  For the production runs I go with PCBcart and they do support gold fingers.


The actual order of PCB reorders does not matter all that much to me since we will get through the whole list eventually regardless.  All I would like to do is order/reorder more PCBs and not lose my shirt in the process.  Things have markedly improved in recent weeks and I have done some reorders.  However I started with the XT-IDE, SBC V2, ECB backplane, and S-100 LAVA PCBs so those will be processed next.  Soon after though I am anticipating more PCB reorders and some new ones including S-100 68K and S-100 80286 CPU boards.


We could go the “final prototype” route too for specialty boards although those really jack up the unit cost for the builder!  It would be OK with me though since I can recover my costs.  If there are onesie/twosie PCBs that builders urgently must have then going the prototype board route would make a lot of sense.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch


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Andrew there is listed 22 for the 68K. That board would be ideal to work with the LAVA system for fast console IO and would open up a whole area for programming. I think we should go for it.


I’m wondering if we should consider doing “final prototype” boards for some of those with low number boards. The quality of the boards is excellent. The only real difference is tin rather than gold plating on the fingers.   Are they done by the same group. If not, what would the gold equivalent be.  I for one would be prepared to buy a final set of prototypes.  Could we do this. I know they are $150 for 3 but that’s fine for me. While definitely not for everyone, perhaps others may be interested in doing the same.






John Monahan Ph.D

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I am looking for ideas on S-100 board orders/reorders for after the S-100 LAVA PCB order arrives (imminent) and the S-100 Console IO board reorder (next).


The S-100 68K CPU board and S-100 80286 CPU board are the next PCB orders.  However I really don’t have a clear preference for the next board reorders.


I am thinking some of the common more popular boards should go next such as the S-100 IDE V2, S-100 4MB SRAM, and S-100 buffered prototyping board.


Those tend to go quickly and won’t “plug up the system” with a bunch of unsold boards. 


Ideas?  Comments?  Thoughts?  Please let me know.  Thanks and have a happy holidays!

Andrew Lynch