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Re: [N8VEM-S100:475] S-100 8086 CPU board ordered (finally!)

    I think you meant 82c88-2 and 82c84a in your note below. Please clarify.

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On Nov 12, 2011, at 2:33 PM, "John Monahan" <mon...@vitasoft.org> wrote:

> That's great Andrew. That board has been our longest running prototype board
> to date!  
> When the board arrives I will put together a board quickly and post "my
> experiences". 
> Most of the board uses common 74LSxx or 74Sxx chips however for the Intel
> chips could I suggest you order the CMOS chips.
> The original NMOS Intel chips run real hot and cannot really get to high
> speeds.
> Suggest 80C86 if you can find them or at least an 8086-2 (8MZ chip).  Best
> of all is the NEC V30 CPU. Runs stone cold I think up to 12+Mhz.
> The Bus controller also should be an 80C88-2 and the clock generator an
> 80C84A  The latter two chips I got from Unicorn
> http://www.unicornelectronics.com/IC/8000.html
> John
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> Hi
> I ordered a batch of the S-100 8086 CPU boards.  They should be here in
> about three weeks or so (late Nov or early Dec).  There are enough boards
> for everyone who has asked for one plus a few extras for those who arrive
> late.
> The good news is all the S-100 EPROM (EEPROM, FLASH, SRAM) board PCBs are
> now gone to their builders.  Thanks to everyone who contributed for the PCB
> respin project.
> There are still plenty of the S-100 Serial IO board and S-100 buffered
> prototyping board PCBs left.  However even those are starting to come down
> to more manageable levels.  There are 19 of the S-100 buffered prototyping
> board PCBs left and 29 of the S-100 Serial IO board PCBs left.
> John and I are working on the S-100 PC-AT board (also known as the MS- DOS
> support board) which provides much of the ancillary circuitry of a PC-AT
> motherboard but without the RAM or CPU.  John should be building and testing
> the first prototype board in the next few days.  Also the we've ordered an
> S-100 VGA prototype board which should be here soon.
> Neil, Rich, and John are also working on the S-100 68K CPU board.
> John added a bunch of circuitry to support multiple CPU masters on the
> S-100 bus.  Look for an updated S-100 68K CPU board soon.
> Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch