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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4441] Re: Run of S100 - Propeller Driven Console IO board

Hi John, I had a look at the source and it appears not complex to adapt the code to the SIO. As I do not have any panel (I only use a modified Ithaca CPU board and the SIO is the first one I am building) I will probably allocate the IOBYTE to a byte definition that I initialize with bit 5 set at 0, replacing the IN A,(IOBYTE) instructions by LD A. There are still some bytes available for a 2732 so that should be fine (I have a USB EPROM programmer)

BTW, I noticed some inaccuracies in the build instructions for the SIO (LED 2 vs LED 1, some additional ICs need to be installed in order to complete the first test) but nothing really significant (it enforced me to look at the schematic and investigate, so it was a good exercise !)

I will keep posted about the outcome (rainy wee-end forecasted :)


Le mardi 1 juillet 2014 22:27:04 UTC+2, monahanz a écrit :

Philippe default is Propeller (or SD Systems Video board, possibly others), but the IOBYTE switch on the SMB (if you have it), allows switching configuration to Serial IO board on power-on.  Also can be easily changed in software if you have access to assembler/ROM burner etc.




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Hi Philippe,


From a quick glance at the source it looks like it uses the Propeller board for console.



On Sunday, June 29, 2014 2:51:49 AM UTC-5, Philippe Elie wrote:

Hi Ed,

many thanks, I just sent the payment. 

quick question about John's Monitor : does it communicate with the Serial IO or propeller board ? or both ? 




Le dimanche 29 juin 2014 02:23:51 UTC+2, Edward Snider a écrit :

Sure Philippe, I'll send you an email.



On Saturday, June 28, 2014 2:16:04 PM UTC-5, Philippe Elie wrote:

Hi Ed,

i see in the inventory list there are still some propeller console boards available. If possible, I would like to get one.

thanks !



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