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Re: [N8VEM-S100:3002] 6502 Monitor with XModem support

Thanks John,
I'm more on the side of being a newbie rather than a champion though :-)

I've modified the source to allow specifying the start address for the upload, this way

yy is the MSB, zz the LSB. I'll have a look at the other monitors (especially since I'll soon start my Z80 card!), but this should suffice for my coding efforts.
Attaching the source...

Hopefully I'll be able to test this on a V2 card, if Todd gets enough interest in pre-orders.

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014 12:10:06 AM UTC+2, monahanz wrote:

Very useful Fabio, great to have an S100 champion for this chip.


Forgotten what the PC-XMODOM format is. But I have written a XMODEM into the Z80 MASTER (& 8086 Monitor) code that works with Absolute Telnet (and presumably other) windows programs.  May want to glance over it to see if compatible code could be spliced into the 6502 monitor.  BTW, in the above cases within the monitor you define where you want the code to start at in RAM. Useful for re-locatable code.  Perhaps it just ignores the first two bytes!





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Hello everyone,
the last few were busy days for me: I finished my EPROM/RAM board and found out I had all the components I needed to complete a Serial IO card, so I worked non stop until I got my system outputting characters to my laptop via null modem cable.

Done that, I decided to put some effort in preparing a ground for my coding. First required component was a quick way to upload my code directly into the computer memory. I decided for XModem, as there is already a known & tested 65C02 implementation here: http://6502.org/source/io/xmodem/xmodem-receive.txt

I adapted that code to John's monitor and got a working upload (at least, all the example data patterns I prepared transferred correctly). Mind you, this XModem protocol wants a file in o64 format. Details on the previous link. Keep in mind this is one of my first efforts with 65C02 asm... be gentle ;-)

I'm attaching my modified monitor source, and a few photos, just for the show (and sorry for the crappy quality)!


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