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Console IO Board

Hello all


Well, I finished my Console IO board, programmed it and it is up and running. But not without some problems.


The S100computers web page tells me that the Jameco part numbers for the Propeller chip, the EEPROM, and the PropPlug programming dongle are

2007134 Propeller P8X32A-D40

74843 24C512 EEPROM

2109368 PropPlug dongle

HOWEVER- according to the Jameco website (and their customer service folks), the part numbers for the EEPROM and the dongle are incorrect.

The correct EEPROM part number is 276832, and the dongle part is 2109421.

Be warned- if you get the wrong dongle, the pinout is NOT directly compatible with IO board; its pins read (left to right) RES, TX, RX, GND instead of TX, RX, RES, GND! I was able to make this work by wiring a simple transition with a 4-pin header and jumper wires.


Bottom line is, as with any project, double check that the parts you order are really the correct form, fit and function.


As soon as I get some spare time (what's the part number for that?) I will install the CPM and my S100 system will be ready. I now have the Z80, 4meg RAM, and SMB running with monitor. My ZFDC and IDE boards are checked out and ready, but not tested with CPM yet. This S100 system has been a lot of fun, but not too much of a challenge to bring up.


Leonard de KS4RN