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S-100 68K CPU board second prototype boards ordered

Hi!  Yesterday I ordered the second batch of S-100 68K CPU board prototypes.  These include all the corrections and improvements from the initial prototype boards.  There are a total of five PCBs however Pontus, Mike, and myself already have boards reserved.  If there are other builders interested in building and testing S-100 68K CPU board please contact me.  There are a couple of boards left.


In my opinion, I think the S-100 68K CPU board is pretty solid and is near “production representative”.  At least for now, my plan is to only verify functionality with these boards and only make necessary changes to fix problems not add any new features.  The PCB trace routing needs to finish but otherwise these boards are like the final board configuration.


Mike is working on an MMU for the S-100 68K CPU board so this ought to provide some interesting possibilities.  For instance, with a real MMU the S-100 68K CPU board should be capable of a full fledged *BSD-68K or Linux-68K style operating system.  More information here




In other news, the S-100 IDE V2 boards are on their way and should be here soon.  I am estimating the first days of July 2011.  Many builders signed up for this board so it should be interesting and fun!


I appreciate your continued support and patience!  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch