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Re: S100 Backplane


You can find two S-100 backplane (motherboard) available at eBay. One is Cromemco Blitz with 21 slots for starting bid: $29.95. The Blitz motherboard is well made but it did not have termination. You can use prototype board and use circuit available from N8VEM-S100 to reduce bus noise.

Second one, IMSAI EXP with 6 slots (five slots for S-100 boards plus one for S-100 front panel). Again, it did not have termination but you can do that same as above.

If you get one, first of all, clean it with strong vacuum then spray Hosa Deoxit for gold and ensure that chemical is safe for plastic (make sure to follow instruction how to use it). Then you will have a good advantage at affordable price if you win the bidding without others.

I would take Cromemco Blitz 21 slots motherboard and use switching power supplies similar to S100computers posted. Do not use linear power supply as it is not worth for money and difficult to find huge capacitors. IMSAI backplane is too old and used old PCB designed.

Wish you a lot of luck!

On Friday, October 11, 2013 10:43:00 AM UTC-4, Alexander wrote:

I mentioned, about half a year ago, that I need to find an S100 backplane, so that I can start building boards.

However, I have yet to find an S100 chassis and backplane, for less than a couple hundred dollars.  Maybe I'm misguided, but this seems like a lot of money for an empty chassis and backplane, expecially since most are untested.

Are we considering re-ordering the S100 backplane?  If not, I ran into this backplane:


Is that reasonable?  In truth, I'd rather build the S100 Computers/N8VEM backplane, as a lot of the fun, for me, is in building and testing.

- Alex