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S-100 64KIO board tool *preliminary design*



Rather than confuse the S-100 bus terminator discussion with the S-100 64KIO board please let’s continue it here.  Attached are the *preliminary* S-100 64KIO board schematic and PCB layout files.  Please review so we can discuss at the concept level not necessarily the implementation details.


The purpose of this board is to be a *tool* not a permanent system board per se.  It would be useful to bootstrap broken S-100 boards and system.  Sort of like the S-100 backplane, S-100 bus extender, S-100 SMB, etc. 


In theory this board would be sufficient to bootstrap an S-100 system with itself and bare CPU board *only* in a temporary configuration.  Once it is fully working either the legacy boards would be repaired and replaced or new boards installed.


Please note that Neil is in the process of completely redesigning this board so don’t get lost on the implementation details.  I believe it is going to change very significantly if not completely.


Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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