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Vintage stuff available for sale...


I met a fellow at the local electronics superstore recently named Ken Slusser.

He has been collecting vintage equipment and parts for quite some time.

It appears that he would like to sell off what he has laying around.

I was out there at his place today and picked up a few items of interest.

He is preparing a list of what he still has on hand.

I got... 

* Industrial Micro Systems C00450 Z80 CPU Board

* Industrial Micro Systems RGM 8A Disk Controller (8" floppy and MFM hard disk)

* Tarbell Electronics MD2022 Rev D Floppy Controller (8" floppy)

He has various S-100 boards of different types as well as PDP-11 boards.

And also a wide variety of printed documentation for almost everything.

He has what appears to be an Imsai in very good condition (one paddle broken)
that he would like to sell.

Here is his contact information if you want to call him and ask about things in
particular you are looking for.

Ken Slusser
22410 I St.
Santa Margarita, CA  93453
(805) 400-9653

I wish I had more money to pick up  some of his treasures. :-)

Douglas Goodall