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Group Purchase of S-100 Bus System Support Board V2

Hi everyone,

I'm working with a board house now to get these boards made.  The list of people who have expressed interest is below.  This board uses a mezzanine board which I will be placing separate orders for once I get teh EDA files.

The board is described at John's web page:  http://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/SMB%20Board/S100%20Bus%20SMB.htm#V2-SMB

I intend to purchase extras of these boards so if you miss this initial purchase I should have some available and I'll reorder more if necessary.  Payment details will be sent/posted once I receive the boards.

As with the other group buys, these are being sold at cost and without warranty or support.  Support is via the N8VEM-S100 mailing list as a best effort by helpful people there.

I'm using the list of interested people to gauge how many boards to order and initial boards will go to them.  However, as I mentioned, I will be purchasing extras as well.  I will let people know the payment details once I receive the boards.

This is my current list of interested people.  I'm planning to place the order with the board house tonight to get it moving.

Name Email Quantity
Todd Goodman Todd Goodman <tsg at bonedaddy.net> 3
Tom Lafleur Tom Lafleur <lafleur at lafleur.us> 1
Fabio Battaglia Fabio Battaglia <hkzlabnet at gmail.com> 3
David Fry David Fry <dgf1966 at googlemail.com> 1
Leon Byles Elsid <leonb at swiftdsl.com.au> 1
Andrew Bingham Andrew Bingham <abingham at gmail.com> 1
John Monahan John Monahan <monahan at vitasoft.org> 4
Gary gekaufman at gmail.com 2
Joe Herdler Joe Herdler <joe.herdler at yahoo.com> 1
Andrew Kwan GalacticaActual <nanohertz1 at gmail.com> 1
Neil Breeden nbreeden <nbreeden at me.com> 2
Thierry Schembri Thierry Schembri <thierry at old-computers.com> 1
Cory Klatt Cory Klatt <cory.klatt at gmail.com> 1
Edward Snider

Edward Snider <zippster278 at gmail.com> 2

Totals: 24