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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2769] Status of my S-100 system (With nice low-res pictures!)

On 17/03/14 22:03, Fabio Battaglia wrote:
> After half a day of schematic reading, EPROM programming, circuit
> probing (the extender board proved unvaluable, and also the book I'm
> reading, "Interfacing to S-100/IEEE696 computers" helped me a lot) I
> got the my basic console printing code to work, and got out of the
> chicken-egg loop situation. I can now proceed fitting some useful code
> in my cpu card and start building other boards.

I forgot to add: I first built the 6502 board and did the freerun test.
Then I wrote an eprom with a small test program and checked that it was
running by probing the address lines and confirming that the accesses
was within the boundaries of F8/F9xx.
After I was sure of this, I started trying to get output on video.