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Re: File Transfer

On Apr 3, 9:54 am, "John Monahan" <mon...@vitasoft.org> wrote:
> Rich, if you have time you may want to try the 'PCGET & PCPUT" programs I
> described herehttp://s100computers.com/Software%20Index%20Page.htm
> for  quickly moving of files to/from a PC/S-100 system.  They are stripped
> down versions of Ward Christenson's MODEM program. Just asks for file name
> (erases old file if present) and goes to it.  I have been using it for years
> now. With a USB port on the S-100 bushttp://s100computers.com/My%20System%20Pages/Serial%20IO%20Board/Seri...
> %20Board.htm
> file transfer is essentially instantaneous. But even old serial ports are
> fast.
> You can use one of the many TELNET interfaces you like on the PC end -- I
> use the Celestial Software one "Absolute Telnet"  one.   Using one of those
> USB to serial cable connectors/converters the whole thing is simple &
> reliable. I leave the connection between the two systems in place and just
> use when required.
> John

John - thanks for the suggestion. When I connect directly I have good
choices at 19200 (the Interfacer 4 limit) using XMODEM.

It is when I use a TCP/IP connection that XMODEM fails. It seems to
fail when it hits block 255. ZMODEM does not fail but as I said the
ZMODEM code I am using just does not work above 4800 or so. That is
one of the reason I am anxious to get the PIC-RTC board as that would
give me the ability to use a 100 ms interrupt rather than a loop and
might also make it easier to make the Interfacer 4 receive interrupt

However, since the Bluetooth connection works great with XMODEM at
19200 I think I am OK until I get some higher speed interface for my
S-100 system.