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Re: S-100 RAM&ROM PCBs ordered

On Friday, October 4, 2013 2:36:54 PM UTC-5, Rickb wrote:
Could you publish here the current Waiting List for PCBs?

I wonder what the ratios are like of people who just order vs get on the list vs post to the group.  Just looking at the google group the demand for RAM boards is immense.  I personally just ordered four of them.  Someday I hope to use them with a future '386 board.  Or if not, thats OK too, a super versatile board I could do anything with them.  I wonder if we all have the same "386" plan?

For what its worth if there is a list put me on it for the Prop console IO S100 and the super duper master/slave IEEE Z80 S100 when/if they come back around for ordering again, plus or minus my personal budget  I can get Interfacer-3 -4 -whatever (or similar) RS-232 boards and non-IEEE Z80 boards all day off ebay, but I want the new fancy stuff and besides its more fun to build my own.