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Optima S-100 Case


I'm working on building out some ECB cards for my Siemens 505-6508 chassis build.  It's a good experience with RomWBW being available to tie all the boards together.  However, I now have a large pile of S-100 boards that I have accumulated.  And my mind is moving towards my ultimate goal which is to do a new-build S-100 system.  Ant's 18-slot backplane will be here soon.

I know that a couple people on the other side of the ocean have used Moducase parts to make a custom case.  However I think I'd like an Optima case - after all they made the case for the original Altair 8800, and the classic light blue color is still available.

I've been looking at the E series instrument cases - http://www.elma.com/en/products/cabinets/optima-instrument-cases/product-pages/ex-er-instrument/ex-er-instrument-detail/.  

If I did up a design with the Optima sales folks, would anyone else be interested in a group buy of cases?