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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2309] Re: accepting pre-orders for the S-100 Z80 CPU V2 board

On Wednesday, February 5, 2014 3:01:18 PM UTC-6, Andrew Bingham wrote:
Another alternative might be to actually set up an educational 501c3 and do it as an organized charity.

That's a good idea.  Or operate under an existing organization.  Many people don't know that Debian (the universal free OS) operates financially and legally as a project under SPI which is a 501c3, as the biggest project out of 36 projects.  Adding a 37th project would not be unreasonable.

On the positive side, right outta the SPI bylaws we fit at least 3 categories, maybe more.  On the negative side to fit the general free software vibe of SPI we'd probably have to "encourage" some vaguely DFSG / FOSS like licensing.  I don't think "encourage" implies mandatory GPL for everything, but probably implies something more formalized than the existing state of none of us have sued each other yet for copyright violation, which I guess technically could happen since some of this isn't entirely formal.

SPI is not the only "grassroots free/open hardware/software financial services holding company" out there, but it is the one I know the most about.