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RE: [N8VEM-S100:3082] S-100 (dual) IDE Interface board MS-DOS device driver exists?

Frank there is no “device driver” written that I am aware of yet for the Dual IDE board. At least in the traditional sense of the word for a device driver.

The approach instead was to incorporate the interface code in the 8086 ROM BIOS using the standard MSDOS/PC disk interrupt calls (floppy and hard disks).  This way a “standard” Microsoft MSDOS disk can run unaltered on the system – at least up to MS-DOS V4.01.  Later versions will need more work!


The 8086 (and 80386) monitors are by now fairly elaborate – still evolving but can be seen here:-





Note, as things currently stand you would also need to have the MSDOS Support board, S100 board (or its chips equivalent) as well.


Hope this helps






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is there any existent MS-DOS device driver for the S-100 interface board?
I want to use the S-100 Dual IDE Interface for my SCP 8086 system.
The system boots MS-DOS 2.0, configured for the Tarbell MD-2022 Floppy controller.
There is a hard disk driver comes with MS-DOS 2.0, but i don't know for which controller hardware.
I attached the asm and the LST files. The hdisk.dev files is called from config.sys.

Thanks for answering,

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