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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2348] Decoupling caps

Hi Neil. At at least for TTL,  0.2 uF is probably OK.  Don’t want it much larger than  that because you are counting on a kind of noise RC filter arrangement.

In the past I used to get my 0.1’s from Jameco. But these days they supply them on a reel type tape. It’s a real pain to cut them out, separate the leads each time etc.

I like the Mouser blue  colored caps (MFG Part No:FK28X7R1H104K). I get them in lots of 500. The nice thing is they are all separate and the leads are correctly spaced for our boards.






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I'm curious as to others opinions about decoupling caps. These are typically 0.1uF disc caps which is what is specified for all of the various boards in the N8VEM family.


In a grab bag I recently bought I found a large number of 0.01uF and 0.2uF disk caps (over 1000 of each). What are your thoughts on using these?



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