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respin S-100 Serial IO boards ordered!

Hi!  I just ordered the respin S-100 Serial IO boards!  They should be here in three weeks or so.  There are enough for everyone on the waiting list plus a few extra builders so if you would like to join in on this board please let me know.  I am estimating they will be here in late April 2011 timeframe.  They will be per the usual $20 per board plus $3 shipping in the US and $6 elsewhere.  Please do not send any funds until the boards actually arrive though. 


Between now and then the S-100 EPROM boards, which are also respins, should arrive.  I estimate they will arrive in Mid April 2011 or in about a week to 10 days.  I’ll send an announcement out when they are imminent and again when they arrive.


The S-100 serial IO boards are “respins” which mean they are like the original S-100 serial IO boards but with some minor changes to fix issues and make some small improvements.  John has a great description on the S100computers.com website.  S100computers.com is *the* reference website for S-100 board information!



Thanks and have a nice day!

Adnrew Lynch