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S-100 Boards

I am trying to catch up with N8VEM boards and still purchase components from eBay and vendors. Meanwhile, I am still struggle to use either S-100 System Monitor Board with TIL311A display modules or FPMINI board. If you happen to have blank boards above that you may not need it. Please let me know if you want to rid the boards.

I need boards as follows:

S-100 Serial I/O Board
S-100 PIC & Real Time Clock Board
S-100 ZFDC Controller Board
S-100 Propeller Driven Console-I/O Board
S-100 8086 CPU Board
S-100 MS-DOS Support Board
S-100 Lava-10 Video Board
S-100 8088 CPU Board
S-100 Bus Terminator Board
S-100 PC Keyboard Converter Board
S-100 Prototype Board without buffers

Also, I try to purchase toggle switches for FPMINI (I have to use slight large prototype board and interface with just received S-100 prototype board with buffers. I need to know exact type of switches such as:

ON - (OFF) - ON (spring action force toggle into off position) for 8 switches
ON - ON (no spring) for 16 switches

Is that correct? I also want to make sure that I get switches that will fit in the FPMINI board when I get the board to replace the prototype board.

Please let me know by email: steven <period> feinsmith <at> gmail.com

Thank you very much,