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Getting the S-100 8086 CPU board working.

I see quite a number of people are thinking of having a go at building the
S-100 8086 board.  I appreciate that it may be a challenge for some. Not
only is the hardware a little complex but in some systems this may be ones
first jump from the 8 to 16 bit world.  This requires that not only must the
8086 board be working correctly but the RAM and IO ports on the S-100 bus
must be able to talk to it.  This can lead to a  "chicken or egg" scenario
making hardware debugging even more difficult. 

I may regret this,  but for this board if you wish, you can send the
completed board to me and I will test it in my S-100 system to help you rest
assured that at least the board (and chips) itself are working correctly.  I
know I am potentially opening up a can of worms here. I don?t want to get
into the S-100 bus hardware repair business, but I think I can manage this
efficiently with the small number of boards involved. That said,  I am
counting on the board being soldered correctly, socketed and the correct
chips in place etc.  What would be really nice is if others could do the
same when they get theirs working, this way we could bootstrap others along.
No charge BTW, although a box with return postage would be nice.

Also one more time, there is risk here. Andrew and I have gone over the
schematic and layout many times, but there may still be a show-stopper error
on the board.  If you are at all in doubt and/or don?t want to risk the
cost/time involved, please wait for a later production run of the board.


John Monahan Ph.D

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Stop the arguing and personal attacks.  This is not the place for it.

Thank you.

Andrew Lynch