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Re: Show and Tell - New user S100 system up & running (well sorta !)

Hi Philippe,
many thanks for your kind comments, I'm also still working towards where I want to take the system and it will probably be another 12 months at least before
I get to my original goal.
With regards to your questions,
The two aluminium bars that run horizontally (front and back) along the base panel are there to stiffen the chassis, they are just lengths of plain 10mm (3/8") square section that you should be able to get from a local metal working shop (or ebay), they do not connect to the side panels at all. Each of the sides are attached to the base panel by 3 countersunk screws and nuts that run in a 'T' slot on the side profile.
The aluminium brackets that hold the drives etc.. are sections of 1/16" thick 2" x 1" aluminum angle that I cut down and worked with a hacksaw and file to the shape I required. Aluminium angle profile should also be available locally (or on ebay).
It's a real shame that Modushop dont sell the 4U/5U Aluminium extruded sides in longer lengths :-( as this would allow the construction of a case for larger backplanes.
If you have any further questions then please feel free to ask.
Your message has prompted me to get on an finish my case metalwork which I havn't touched in months (need to put on a backplate and build a card cage)
best regards
David Fry

On Saturday, May 24, 2014 10:08:53 AM UTC+1, Philippe Elie wrote:
Hi David,

first of all, congrats for a wonderful setup. As I am currently collecting parts to build my system, your pictures are extremely helpful and inspiring. I have a couple of questions : 
- you choice of "T shaped" side panels is great, not only they look great, but it also allows to move the modules inside the box when need be. I saw in your pictures two drilled aluminium bars that are not displayed on moduship website. Are they necessary to mount the bottom and side panels together ? I could not find any spare parts mentioned by modushop that need to be ordered along with the panels
- I'm amazed by the quality of your aluminium brackets. Angles and folding are perfect, did you manage to do that manually ?

keep us posted about your great project !