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Re: 6502 board resistor networks

Hi Andrew

Would it be possible to have some design rules in general.  I have
seen a lot of these boards use parts that are not easily obtainable
which suggests these are copies of old boards without thought.  If
they are supposed to be pull-up resistors then in general I would
expect 1K or 4.7K be specified as they are pretty standard.  I checked
Jameco, Digikey and Mouser and they don't have 1.3 K.  I know
experienced people can interpret schematics but it tends to discourage
new people into the hobby that don't have that experience.  Also it
would be nice to do some standardization of buss interface.  I see
this board uses ls541's where most other boards use ls373's so one has
to "stock" many more parts to participate.

Just a thought


On Jan 11, 6:50 pm, "Andrew Lynch" <LYN...@YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> Hi Kipp!  The 1.3K ohm resistors are all pull up resistors and have a broad
> tolerance.
> Almost certainly the 1.2K ohm resistors will work just fine.
> Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch
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> > I couldn't find 1.3k ohm resistor networks. I have 1.2k networks, any
> issue
> > with using them?
> > Kipp