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N8VEM projects update

Hi!  Here is the N8VEM project list with status separated into three categories: Planned, Active, and Under Consideration.  I’ve removed the completed projects where the PCBs are available:
- ECB 6809/6802/6502 Host Processor

- ECB uPD7220 GDC second prototype

- ECB MSX cartridge reader

- MSX cartridge board
- SBC-188 rev 1

- 4MEM




ECB Active Terminator

- status: not started. Has anyone built one of the ECB extended backplanes? Do they work? Do we even need an active terminator for the new backplane?


- status: not started. It has been a while for this one. John is working on an S-100 ZFDC board which uses the WD2793 so it probably makes sense to let this one wait until the S-100 ZFDC is done


- status: started schematic capture. Max and I are working on this project as time permits.

ISA Prototyping Board

- status: not started. This project is low priority and waiting for some of these other projects to clear out first.


ECB RAM-Floppy

- status: in work. Wolfgang requested to hold the ordering the prototypes until after December so he can do some updates. On hold pending resolution.

Home Computer

- status: initial prototype PCB designed and trace route optimization underway. No estimate for completion yet
- update: received some feedback to improve ECB interface and memory decoding logic. Prototype PCB updated and in trace routing. I'd like to get this board ordered sooner rather than later.

S-100 Console IO

- status: first prototype board ordered and sent to builder team. Build and test underway with expected rework in progress. Second prototype PCB looks likely given scope of changes.
- update: significant changes to hardware. Build and test under way and Propeller software seems to be improving. Major console functions are working.

S-100 ZFDC Intelligent Floppy Controller

- update: second prototype board in build and test. Some minor design changes but board is firming up fast. Probably a third prototype PCB will be needed.

- Looks pretty solid and probably ordering manufactured PCBs in the near future.

S-100 68K CPU

- status: first prototype board ordered and distributed to builder team. Initial build and test under way. See Douglas Goodall wiki for update on status.
- update: build and test proceeding, board is build and test underway – see picture at Douglas Goodall wiki site.


- status: Nothing on PCB, prototype is in construction. Slow progress as time permits.


- status: ordered prototype boards which should be available mid-January 2011

- status: ordered prototype boards which should be available mid-January 2011


- status: reordered PCBs have arrived ($12 each) and only one left.  Have to reorder another batch soon.


S-100 8086 CPU board

- status: initial schematic capture and PCB layout started.

Under Consideration

S-100 Propeller prototyping board

S-100 Bus Exerciser

S-100 SCSI Interface

??? other ideas ???

So there are many interesting things happening! Anyone is welcome to participate and new projects are added frequently. Comments, thoughts, questions welcome!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch