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Re: S-100 PC-AT Ver 02 (DOS Support board) Initial Run

Well guys I glad to say the V2 MSDOS Support board checks out fine!  The only minor error I have found, the silk-sreen writing on the front of the board labeled "L-EPROM" and "U-EPROM" is swapped. SW6 is the "U-EPROM" and SW10 is the "L-EPROM"

The board appears to run fine with MSDSO v4.01 in my system with our 8088, 8086, 80286 (and a prototype 80386) at their max speed as described in the appropriate sections.  

Step by step building instructions can be found here:-

Good luck and enjoy to all users out there.  
Hopefully one of you will take time to write and splice in the PC keyboard controller code to the 8086 Monitor!


On Friday, May 9, 2014 11:48:11 AM UTC-7, nbreeden wrote:
The 5 S-100 PC-AT Ver 02 (DOS Support board) boards from the initial run are here; A few people expressed interest in doing a quick build of these before we kick off the full group buy.

Please email me offline  "nbreeden (AT)  me.com" so I can get these sent out ASAP. 


AltairManRich 1
Andrew Bingham 1
bob 1
Brian Marstella 1
Crustyomo 2
Curt mayer 2
David Fry 2
Don Caprio 2
Doug Wood 2
Edward Snider 2
Fabio Battaglia 3
Frank Schieschke 1
GalacticActual 2
Gary Kaufman 1
Hal Prewitt 1
Ian Douglas 3
JackRubin 3
Jeff G 1
Joe Herdler 2
kenro 1
Leon Byles 1
Matt 2
monahanz 4
Neil Breeden 2
nekonoko 1
pbirkel 1
Rick Bromagen 1
Rob Doyle 1
Steven Feinsmith 2
Todd Goodman 3
Tom Lafleur 1
Vince Mulhollon 2