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RE: [N8VEM-S100:200] Re: S-100 board waiting list

Hi Rich!  Thanks!  Yes, I have an S-100 Serial IO board for you.  Actually
there are more than enough left!  Please let me know and I will send one to

The S-100 6502 CPU board is still grinding along in the trace router.  It is
taking much longer than I anticipated and am not sure why.  However, it
appears to be finally settling down a bit at 110 vias and about 708" over
all trace length.  

I will order some prototype boards as soon as it is ready.  I've been having
some computer issues which has required several restarts of the trace
routing and that's probably contributing to the delays.  Sorry about that!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch 

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> Andrew,
> As I read this you have me down for:
> one IDE
> one SERIAL
> one PIC/RTC
> IDE is OK
> I don't recall asking for the serial board but perhaps that is a good
> idea so leave me on the list.
> I should of course be on the 6502 list for prototype and the final
> board and all intermediate test versions.
> Rich