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S-100 console IO PCBs

As per search results, looks like the last S-100 console IO PCB order was about 13 months ago.

I will pay for two.  Tomorrow, three years from now, whenever it comes around...

If someone has untouched unbuilt boards, maybe I could make a deal on the side.  I'd much rather buy a v2 in the future than a v1 today so I'd have to think about that.

For me its all about the building, so I'm not interested in purchasing an assembled one.

If a V2 had traces and holes for standard PS/2 and VGA edge mounted connectors along the top, I'd like that, perhaps as an option.  Maybe considerably recessed from the edge so people with tight chassis could use COTS extension cords or similar.

If this kind of "market research" thread has value, there's a couple other boards I'd pledge for.  Probably should have a separate thread for each board.  Or if not seen as useful, no harm intended and have a nice day.  The suns out and the snows melting I can't help but be happy so you should be happy too.