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Re: [N8VEM-S100:1932] S-100 80386 board and RAM board availability

Hi John,

yes i have been following your site with respect to the S-100 to ISA board. im looking forward to seeing it :-)

i almost cant wait to see a production version of the 80386 board and static ram board! is there any prototype boards i could get my sticky hands on to have a play with?? :-D .. im very keen to assist in a DRAM board with maby the full 4GB of memory on it or the possibility to add memory as one would need? maby we could use some SDRAM and have some nice connectors onboard.. that would look really smart! maby we would have to start talking about a whole new bus though.. maby an ISA or PCI bus board?.. the future of the computer project?

the MSDOS board with a DMA controller would be nice. 

an updated SMB would be nice.. i would love JAM and JUMP to be added!! (i dont even have a SMB at the moment.. isnt that sad)