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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2145] Re: S-100 existing board pre-order requests

On 04/01/14 13:44, David Fry wrote:

I would welcome feedback on this posting from other �S-100 builders out there as to what the general consensus is on smaller batches/higher cost for the lower demand PCB�s, �of course the final decision is yours but it would help out and encourage the newbies J

IMHO, while 50$ is becoming expensive, for a newbie like me it's surely better than nothing at all (see my previous post about the S100 backplane reorder)!

In my case, I want to build an homebrew S100 system from scratch. That means� I'll need a cpu card, memory, storage and I/O at the very least: I have no idea if there are more boards that will get a production run this year, but for now I read about CPU/debug/RAM cards, and if there are no I/O and storage options a limited run is going to be my only hope to get a working system in a decent timespan.