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Re: V2 S100 Boards for manufacturing

Hi John,

I'm the one doing the Dual IDE boards.  I've got orders for 44, my order to the fabricator has been placed for 60.
I should be sending them out around the end of the month.


On Sunday, April 20, 2014 12:47:20 PM UTC-5, monahanz wrote:

Guys the boards below Andrew has uploaded are the results of 100’s of hours of work, modifications, numerous prototypes and expense on the part of Andrew, I and others.   I’m hoping they will be the final additions/versions of these boards and will be fun for all of us to work with for a very long time to come.


The one remaining hurdle we have is getting the boards fabricated.  There are trails and trails of e-mails going back and forth over the past few weeks of who wants what etc.  Since well over 100 boards in all, are involved we should make sure we don’t drop the ball.


Who is the “point person” for:-

V2 SMB board

V2 80286 board

V2 MSDOS Support board

16MB Static RAM board

V2a Z80 CPU board

6502 master/slave board

Dual IDE board


Could you please let us and me directly (monahan-AT-vitasoft.org)  know. ,

Could you please post your current working list and describe how/when you want payments made.

Very important do you know how to process the order for board fabrication. 







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I uploaded the EDA files, schematics, and PCB layout files for the S-100 80286 CPU V2, S-100 SMB V2, and S-100 MS DOS Support V2 boards to the wiki in their appropriate folder.


These boards are ready for production so if you want to make some orders feel free.  Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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