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Re: CY62167ELL-45ZXI SRAM for 16mb board

BTW, don't want to scare people but at these prices you might want to consider getting one or two extras -- just in case.
The chips can be removed from the board with "low melting solder" paste if a screw-up but the RAM may be toast.
The way the circuit is laid out (so the mezzanine boards can be used with our 32MB RAM board) you need all 8 chips (2 mezzanine boards) present to have a working RAM board.

On Saturday, April 26, 2014 11:28:30 AM UTC-7, monahanz wrote:
Great catch Gary. I just ordered 20! 
5V ones as well which I actually like.

On Saturday, April 26, 2014 11:12:47 AM UTC-7, Gary Kaufman wrote:
Looking ahead to the 16mb ram board, I may have a less expensive source
of the 2mx8 SRAM TSOP's

Price at Verical (Arrow)is $8.76 each, $14.99 handling and $2.70
shipping.  An order of 8 came to $87.73 total.

They list 8,087 in stock, so no need to rush :)  Shipping is from USA


- Gary