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FW: 68360 - status


If there are any builders who would like to participate in the MC68040 SBC
project please let me know. 

We are working on an intermediate project at the moment based on the MC68360
which is the integrating glue for the MC68040 SBC.  The MC68360 is the
all-important piece that has to work well before even considering the
MC68040 CPU since it is a standalone processor by itself.  

There are some spare MC68360 P1 PCBs remaining (see the excerpted status
update below) and the basic board seems to be working.  It is booting from
the ROM and partially initializing.  More work is underway to further
initialize the MC68360 chip subsystems like timers, UARTs, etc.

The plan is to integrate a Propeller based IO subsystem (VGA display, PS/2
keyboard, microSD mass storage), DRAM, and Flash memories to the final SBC.
This is an ambitious project and will take quite a bit of time so if there
are any experienced MC68040/MC68360 builders that would like to contribute
your help would be greatly appreciated.  Additional information is posted



Similar to other N8VEM home brew computing project boards these are
free/open source designs including hardware, software, and other related

Please contact me at LYN...@YAHOO.COM if interested.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

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To: Andrew Lynch
Subject: Re: 68360 - status

Hi Andrew!

I have made quite a bit of progress - if you look at the steps on 9-13
through 9-16 of the User Manual I am at step 11 so I only have a few steps


BTW - I have I think 4 extra boards (the other place sent me boards anyways)
so if people want to join in the fun, I can forward you the boards.  We are
also going to have to chat on how we proceed from here - looking at the
stuff Alan sent and other errata - the 68040 is not going to be a "glue
less" implementation and will require some GALS or a CPLD.