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Re: [N8VEM-S100:3239] Re: Group Buy ZFDC Floppy Controller Board

The list is growing quickly, and there are enough folks to justify a batch.

Andrew - many thanks for the files!

I'll plan to order in about two weeks (once the Z80 CPU boards arrive) so I don't have two in the works at the same time.


- Gary

Thus far:

Gary Kaufman        2
Nik Brisevac            1
Fabio Battaglia        3
Rich Camarda          1
David Fry                 2
Vince Mulhollon     2
Todd Goodman       3
Ed Snider                 3
Dave (yoda)             1
Neil Breeden            3
Matt Turner             2
Stephen M Jones     1
Thierry Schembri     1
Pete Plank                1
Andrew Bingham     1
Jeff Galinat               1
Jack Rubin                1