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RE: [N8VEM-S100:1169] S-100 LAVA PCB order pending, please


There are 18 boards for builders in the wait queue for the S-100 LAVA board.
I still need a few more to make a PCB manufacturing order viable.   Am
trying to avoid selling the excess boards on eBay to recover the project
funds so if anyone is interested in joining the S-100 LAVA project please
contact me.  The S-100 LAVA PCB will be the usual $20 each plus $3 shipping
in the US and $6 elsewhere.

Thanks and have a happy holidays!

Andrew Lynch

PS, the new S-100 68K CPU board PCB is approaching complete and the new
S-100 80286 CPU board is also nearly ready to go.  The next PCB reorder will
be the S-100 Console IO hopefully early this winter.

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Hi!  John Monahan and I have been working on an SVGA display compatible
S-100 board and it is almost ready to go.
While it is not SVGA register compatible it does allow for an economical
SVGA compatible display for your S-100 system.



Some additional discussion here on the vintage-computer.com forum


A viable PCB manufacturing order is at least 20 orders just to pay for the
boards, tooling, shipping, etc.

There are approximately 12 ?firm? PCB requests and as soon as this project
is viable I will make the manufacturing order.

Thanks and have a happy holidays!

Andrew Lynch

PS, if cash and/or paypal is an issue, we can make trades for certain
computer parts, electronic components, tools, metals, coins, unused gift
cards, shipping materials, scrap, etc.  Please let?s discuss!