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Electronic Control Technology Inc.
- History

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Electronic Control Technology, Inc., has got to take the prize for the most persistent S-100 company in our extensive list. They advertized in all the early magazines and in Byte, Microsystems etc. long after most of the early well known companies were gone.    They were often referred to as ECT, and were started in Union, NJ in1975 by Dennis Dupre, an electrical engineer with a BSEE degree from NCE (Newark College of Engineering now known as NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology). The first products were S-100 tools to help develop other products. They were the PB-1 Prototyping Board and the EXT-100 Extender card. Then came the 8K RAM, an S-100 exceptionally low power static memory card.

BuildingIn 1977 ECT moved to Hillside, NJ and came out with a series of high quality S-100 products including: an 8080 CPU card, a 16K static RAM card, a multi function I/O card, S-100 mother boards, industrial 19 rack mount card cages and power supplies, a table top S-100 box, microcomputer systems, and OEM variations. Customers included NASA, The Aerospace Corp., Bell Labs, small businesses, computer stores and hobbyists. ECT also manufactured custom electronic products.

In 1981 Dennis started Dupre Enterprises, Inc., a computer store in Leonia, NJ handling ECT products as well as other manufactures to provide customers with a wide variety of products. ECT assembled the systems for Dupre Enterprises, Inc., which included boards from other manufacturers such as modems and disk controllers. ECT also started manufacturing a 64K Static RAM card.

In 1984 Electronic Control Technology, Inc. and Dupre Enterprises, Inc moved into a larger facility on Cottage Street in Berkeley Heights, NJ.    Dupre Enterprises, Inc. became known as Cottage Computers. The personal computer industry started to follow IBM, and PC compatibles took over the market. ECT assembled, tested and repaired PC compatible computers for Cottage Computers. In 1998 ECT merged into Cottage Computers.

ECT  manufactured some outstanding S-100 bus card cages which were quite popular at the time.
  10 cardcage   20 Cardcage   ECT box

The card cage manual can be obtained here, the Power Supply manual here and the TT-10 Table Top S-100 Box here

ECT  S-100 Boards
88K RAM   16K RAM  R2IO   8080   64K RAM


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