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Fulcrum Computer Products --  History

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Fulcrum started as an electronics parts company called called W&W Component Supply in San Jose, CA. In October 1979 they acquired part of the assets of the then bankrupt IMSAI company and started selling IMSAI boards and systems. They later changed the name to Fulcrum. There even was an European (English) division.  They then started to acquire other non IMSAI S-100 boards from specialist/designers in the local area. One was their VIO video board, but they were best known for their economical high capacity static RAM boards.  Fulcrum/W&W closed down in 1988. There is a more detailed account of the relationship between IMSAI and Fulcrum described on Herb Johnston's site see here.


Fulcrum  S-100 Boards
64K Static RAM      256K Static RAM      VIO Video Board     Omnidisk FDC


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