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Scion --  History


In 1978, Scion developed its first video board for the S-100 bus. Since then they have made video boards for every major bus architecture, including the Multibus, NuBus, and the current industry standard, the PCI bus. The company is one of the few S-100 board companies on this list that has survived and done well over the last 30+ years. Their products today are focused on image display and capture boards for the highly technical scientific and commercial markets. Recently Scion expanded its product line into digital imaging with the introduction of the CFW-1310 series of digital cameras.

All Scion products are now developed and manufactured in Frederick, Maryland where the company itself is located. In the early 80's they were located in Reston, VA. You can visit their web site here.

James  Babcock, who was a technician at SCION Corporation in the early 80's and worked on the Microangelo board  and its successor the MA520 has provided the following update:

SCION was renamed from the company "Micro Diversions". Micro Diversions started business in 1978 and were located in Tysons Corner, VA.  In 1981 the company moved to Reston, VA and was renamed SCION Corporation.  As Micro Diversions, the company developed and marketed  a product called "screen splitter".

Screen Splitter: A text only video card whose visual memory was mapped to the S-100 memory address space.  Supplied with a software library called "WordSmith", the screen could be 'split' into separate visual areas.  Although visible as text only, this is a primitive design similar to the current Windows program.

They also made a product called Frame Grabber -- the board could freeze a single frame from a video signal and digitize it.  The board was a multi-layer S-100 format.


Scion  S-100 Boards


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