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The Mini Buffered Prototype Board

Josh Bensadon has made another new S-100 Prototype Board that is somewhat like the one described here.
However this one cuts the number of basic support chips to a minimum thereby giving you more real estate on the board to work with.

  Buffered Prototype II

The schematic for this "Mini Buffered Prototype Board" can be obtained here. The board layout can be obtained here.

A Production S-100 Board

Realizing that a number of people might want to utilize a board like this together with a group of people on the  Google Groups S100Computers Forum, "group purchases" are made from time to time.  Contact and join the group if you would like to be involved in this project.  See if bare boards are available and/or see if you and others may be interested in doing another board run.  This board was designed and produced by Josh Bensadon in Canada, you may contact him directly here.

The links below will contain the most recent schematic of this board.
Note, it may change over time and some IC part or pin numbers may not correlate exactly with the text in the article above.


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