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Re: BASIC in ROM - Any Interest?

I've uploaded V1.14. It resides starting at 0xE000, there are several BIN files to handle various N8VEM S-100 boards for I/O. It includes a build.bat file and TASM to compile it. I'm using a Windows 8.1 machine in a command window to compile it. There are several .asm files used to define the 'drivers' for I/O boards. Finally there are a few files that capture some of the notes.

Minimum configuration.
  Z-80 CPU card set to use an 8K ROM starting at 0xE000
  RAM starting at 0x0000, Minimum is about 8K to a MAX of 56K.
  Some kind of I/O card; various N8VEM cards are supported.

A note about RAM: It's OK to have 64K or more RAM in the system. It will only use the first 56K. The design of the Z-80 CPU V2 card will automatically mask the system RAM from the ROM address area. This means you can leave your RAM card setup for a full 64K (of more); when the Z-80 CPU card is at address 0xE000 to 0XFFFF it will automatically ignore the RAM at these addresses.