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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4549] Get the ZFDC controller to format a disk...

Frank if WP LED is on then it will not format the disk.  Check disk drive connections/jumpers etc.  If 8” disk, WP notch on disk must be covered (unlike 5” disks).






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I have a problem with the ZFDC controller to format a disk.
My system contains the following boards at this stage:

  • Z80 Master CPU with Z80 Monitor
  • 1MB S.C. Digital 256KM Memory board
  • CompuPro Interfacer1 board
  • Dual IDE board with the banked CPM3 Prop Image
  • SMB board
  • ZFDC board with an Tandon TM848E2 connected

I am able to do all R/W tests with a IBM3740 formatted disk with success.
When i try to format the disk as a IBM3740 disk the controller stays locked with the HALT LED & the WP LED on, until i reset the system.
I have no clue, which problem the controller have at these moment.


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